Noctilucent Clouds Sighted over Europe

Every summer since the late 19th century, Earth’s polar skies have lit up with gossamer, electric-blue clouds, twisting and rippling in the twilight sky. They’re called noctilucent (“night-shining”) because they can be seen after dark. The origin of the clouds, which hover at the very top of Earth’s atmosphere in close proximity to space itself, is uncertain. They have been linked to causes as varied as meteoroids, climate change, and the icy exhaust of the space shuttle.

The 2010 noctilucent cloud season has just begun in the northern hemisphere, with sightings over Russia, Scotland and Denmark. Although noctilucent clouds were once a phenomenon of high latitudes only, in recent years they have been sighted in the United States as far south as Colorado and Utah.

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Picture For Stu

Satellite image of the majority of the UK covered in snow. Full resolution image.
Picture For Stu

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Jupiter’s Travels And Dreaming Of….

Ted Simon, what a guy. Having read Jupiter’s Travels, one of the inspirations for Long Way Round, a while ago I was eager to grab Dreaming Of Jupiter albeit a few years after it had first come out. Indeed I had never even heard of the original book until Charley and Ewan mentioned it while featuring Ted in Ulan Bator. Round the world on a Triumph in the 70’s for the original book, the follow up is a second take on the world on a BMW at the turn of the millennium and all without a flashy entourage…

Jupiter's Travels

I had picked the original Jupiter’s Travels book up after a recommendation from a Norton riding friend and didn’t put it down until I had finished it. I was struggling with Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance at the time, that could be another post…!

In the modern world of the BMW GS1200 with all the trimmings, camera crews and satellite ‘phones it all seems so easy to conquer the world. Almost every corner of the globe has been trodden now and true wilderness and adventure is hard to find. Ted had none of this in October 1973 when he left to conquer 63,000 miles and 45 countries over 44 months. In January 2001, with German engineering instead of British, he did it again. The subject of the second book, Dreaming Of Jupiter. This time 59,000 miles through 47 countries over 29 months.

If you like motorbikes or travel, or even both you can’t fail to be disappointed.

I won’t harp on. Buy the books. Visit the Website. Dream the dream. Ted also announces his upcoming location at various venues throughout the world on his website so keep a close eye out and there are opportunities to order signed books and his DVD of Dreaming Of Jupiter also.

Jupiter's Travels

‘The future is not what it used to be’

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