APRS RX Only iGate

I’ve been having a look at APRS over the last few days since I started sending the data from my weather station to CWOP. XASTIR has been installed on one of the Linux machines in the shack and sucessfully configured. I don’t have a TNC so I’ve been using Soundmodem as a software TNC connected to the audio output of my 2m Yaesu.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get an APRS TX unit in the car to see if the software is perfoming. Currently I see a large amount of infomation from the net but not much on 144.800 to really test the setup.

Watch this space but hopefully a useful APRS RX only iGate will be on the Wirral soon.

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Weather Station Update

Currently there seems to be an issue with the sensors on the masthead hence there is no wind speed or direction being report / recorded. The barometer is reporting data but is long due a calaibration. Hopefully an hour can be found this week to investigate.

On a related note, my WX data is now being posted on APRS and to CWOP in addition to the long standing post the the Weather Underground.

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HTC Desire

So, I have finally entered the world of the smartphone. Picked up my HTC Desire last week and am starting to get to grips with it. I dare say it will get a whole section to itself on the site.
Plenty of features, thousands of apps to download (many of which are free) and of course the Android operating system. I’ve even created this post on the Desire using the WordPress app! More to come.

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