Weather Station

My home weather station located near Raby Mere on the Wirral.  Measurements are made on a variety of atmospheric conditions every 5 minutes. I also have a facility to make comparisons between my measurements and those made at Liverpool Airport some 4 or so miles away.

My Weather Station Anemometer

The station hardware is based on the Dallas 1-Wire concept with components and sensors from Hobby Boards and the AAG v3 Anenometer (now reported as unavailable due to Dallas stopping production of a component).  Software is One Wire Weather (OWW) running on Ubuntu.

Data is uploaded from the server to here and used to produce the 24 hour and weekly graphs as well as the Weather Underground which is well worth a visit. As well as national weather stations, they also have METAR reports from airports globally and the data posted from thousands of personal weather stations. The WunderMap is a particularly fantastic feature which allows you to zoom into your local area and obtain data from any current reporting stations which are often more densely populated than anything you may get on the TV.

Not My Weather Station...
Not My Weather Station…

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