Google Android

This page is dedicated to exploring programming Google Android devices. I currently have an HTC Desire running 2.2 and have been experimenting with the Open Source API’s availiable, especially around the GPS and radio aspects of the handset.

While I have made good progress on GPS and the coarse location data, some of the handset radio information is still somewhat lacking. While arbitary information such as signal strength are easily available, albeit in 2dB steps, I am still frustrated in my search for Ec/Io.

Where I am currently with regards to data obtained from the device;

  • GPS Position (lat/long)
  • GPS Position Converted To NGR Easting & Northings On Device
  • Signal Strength (asu) 2db Steps
  • Serving CI (Cell Identity)
  • Serving LAC (Location Area Code)
  • Serving Network (MNC+MCC)
  • Device IMEI
  • Subscriber MSISDN
  • Phone And Data State

Drop me a mail if you know how to obtain Ec/Io for a WCDMA network. There are API for CDMA but that’s a different network architecture and returns no valid values in the UK.

I’ve started to add in some really simple example code in this section to help get you started.

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