Alan HM70 For 4m

Just arrived, an EBay purchase of an Alan HM70 low band VHF PMR radio. I already have a converted Nova set (elsewhere on this site) and a commercial AKD / Garex 4001 but what attracted me was the remote head function on this radio and the good price. With modern cars it’s not always easy to fins somewhere to put a radio, and the ‘chip shop’ arrangement of having the AKD strapped to the centre console with a bungee cord didn’t really complement the neat Icom 2820 installation.

Alan HM70 Display

Above is the display detail which has been programmed to indicate the operating frequency, along with the current of 2 RF power settings and a bar graph signal strength meter.

Alan HM70 Radio

The rugged radio case (it’s MIL rated) and the front panel showing the integrated speaker (4W). The front panel can be remote mounted using a separation cable with stock 9-way d-type connectors on each end.