Icom 2820

Just replaced the Yaesu FT-8100 radio in the car with a new Icom 2820 which adds digital voice, or D-Star capability. The radio also comes with an internally fitted GPS receiver which allows my current position to be sent over the APRS network everytime I press the PTT when connected to a D-Star repeater. There is more on that on the DV-GPS page.

The 2820 comes with a remote head facility and I’ve used that in the Volvo but have chose a different position in which to mount the unit due to it’s larger size. One of the interesting features about the remote head on the Icom is the decision to use 2 small but very strong magnets on the rear of the head for mounting. I guess the idea is to remove the need to start drilling holes into the dashboard which is a great idea, but I don’t really have much in the way of metal on the dashboard…! In Icom’s defence, they do provide a suitable bracket which can then be mounted in the car.

I’ve managed to manufacture my own ‘bespoke’ bracket and have mounted it using a ‘Brodit’ clip, a great product designed per vehicle using the nooks and crannies in the dashboard area to allow the specially shaped bracket to click firmly into place. The secured brackets can then the drilled to accept whatever you please. There are no fewer than 7 bracket options for my make of Volvo alone!

Icom 2820
Icom 2820 Installed In G7TSX/M

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